Integrated Engineering 058 1.8T Coil Conversion & ICM Delete DIY

Integrated Engineering 058 1.8T Coil Conversion DIY

In this DIY writeup we will go over the  parts, tools, and steps needed to convert your 058 1.8T bolt down coil packs to the newer FSI/TSI coil packs.  The FSI/TSI coilpacks allow you to run a larger spark plug gap, while maintaining a strong spark output. Testing has shown a smoother idle with these coilpacks, increased off boost power, and in some cases improved fuel economy.  This DIY will follow the process from start to finish on an early AEB 1.8T engine.

Section 1. Parts Required

1- Integrated Engineering square coilpack adapter set 1- Integrated Engineering coilpack conversion harness kit 4- OEM 2.0T FSI coilpacks or 4-OEM 2.0T TSI coilpacks

Section 2. Required Tools

5mm hex key (allen) wrench or socket Ratchet with 10mm socket Phillips screwdriver

Section 3. Install Steps  This kit needs to be installed by a professional or by an experienced technician. Integrated Engineering is not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect installation. 

Before you begin: Be sure to lay out and inventory all new parts for correct application/quantity and that you have access to proper tools for installation.

Step 1: Gain access to the coilpacks and ICM (located on top of the factory airbox).  Remove palstic engine cover to gain access to these parts.

Step 2: Remove the ignition control module (ICM) from the airbox. There are two phillips screws holding it in place. Unplug both connectors from ICM. Install small ICM jumper harness in place of ICM. The red plug goes to the left harness, and the black plug goes to the right harness.  When finished, replace the factory plastic cover.

Step 3: Unplug factory coilpacks. There is a metal connector that needs to be slid up to release the plug from the coilpack. Remove coilpacks. You will need a 5mm hex key to remove the eight bolts that hold the factory coilpacks to the valve cover.

Step 4: With all the factory coilpacks now removed, install the Integrated Engineering coilpack adapter plates in their place. Use the 5mm hex key to snug up all 8 included bolts holding the coil pack adapters in place.

Step 5: Place the new 2.0T coilpacks in the spark plug holes. Do not press them in all the way yet- you may need to move them around to plug in the new harnesses.  At this point, you have two options for the harness orientation, we will cover both options.

Option A: Exhaust side The coilpacks can be run with the plugs on the exhaust side of the engine (like the factory coilpacks.) This will require you to tuck the adapter harnesses between the coilpacks. This is recommended if installing the factory engine cover, or a coilpack cover (available separately.)

Option B: Intake Side You can also run the coilpacks with the plugs on the intake side of the engine, and tuck the adapter harnesses beneath the fuel rail or intake manifold. If you choose this method, you will need to remove the 10mm bolt that holds the coilpack ground wire to the valve cover in order to relocate the harness. Note: If installing coilpacks with plugs on the intake side, you will need to relocate the coilpack ground wire. It may need to be extended depending on how you run the harnesses. Make sure coilpack ground is securely bolted to the valve cover.

Step 6: Once you have determined which coilpack orientation is best for you, plug the black end of each adapter harness into each coilpack. The red ends will connect to the factory harness. Make sure each connector “clicks” into place.

Step 7: Push all coilpacks down onto the spark plugs, ensuring they are tight in the holes.

Step 8: Reinstall all engine covers. Check to make sure all wiring connections are secure.  You will now be able to start the engine and take advantage of a stronger ignition system on your 1.8T.  

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