IE 450T Mk6 R Video Review By Everyday Driver

Our big turbo IE450T MK6 Golf R was put to the test by Everyday Driver in their newest video review.  They were thoroughly impressed with the drivability and execution of our big turbo R that  is putting out 450 wheel horsepower. At IE we build our cars to be driven daily with reliable horsepower and usable power.  Watch the video below to see what Todd and Paul have to say about our IE 450T kit on our Mk6 R. 



"When you Dip into the throttle, ok that’s fast.. At 4000 RPM The turbo sounds start doing it’s thing. At 5000 RPM you know that this is definitely a different car. By 6000 RPM- You’ve lost your drivers license! This Car wants to go!"-Paul Schmucker @ Everyday Driver "We’re almost in HellCat acceleration times which is nuts all the time. The Golf is nuts when you want it to be." -Todd Deekan @ Everyday Driver


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