Integrated Engineering 06A Crank Girdle/Bedplate Kit Installation

 Integrated Engineering 06A Crank Girdle DIY

In this DIY, we will cover the installation process for the Integrated Engineering Crank Girdle.  Under higher horsepower and torque loads the 1.8T block lacks lateral support needed to keep the block from flexing.  Reinforce the block by bolting the design specific crank girdle to the main journals preventing distortion.  The girdle is sold with everything needed for your install including all hardware, extended oil chain, machined spacers, and assembly lube. This kit also incudes a set of ARP main studs, further improving clamping force.  A set of Integrated Engineering "Tall Boy" Billet main caps are highly recommended in addition to the crank girdle, the combination will keep the crank centerline in check preventing block and crank from bending, flexing, breaking, and preventing early bearing failure.

Section 1 Kit Contents

1- girdle/bedplate 1- custom length ARP main stud kit 1- extended oil pump chain 20- 35mm oil pan bolts 3- 60mm oil pump bolts 23- washers for oil pan and pump bolts 10- girdle spacers 2- 110mm transmission bolts (longitudinal engines only) 2- washers for transmission bolts

Section 2 Installation steps This kit needs to be installed by a professional or by an experienced technician.  Integrated Engineering is not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect installation.  Serious engine damage can occur from incorrect installation. 

Before you begin: Be sure to inventory all parts on a clean surface to verify all necessary pars are included.

Step 1. With engine on a secure stand, turn upside down so main caps can be accessed and remove the OEM main cap bolts.  Apply a light coating of oil to the bottom side of the ARP main studs. Install stud into block. They do not need to be tightened down, just hand-tight.  Girdle fitting can be done with no components in the engine, but will need all components installed before final installation.  

Step 2. With main caps in place, install girdle spacers onto main studs.  If using IE Tall Boy main caps (IE part # IEBEVA3) refer to the included install sheet- you will not need the girdle spacers.  Skip to step 8 if using Tall Boy main caps.

Step 3. Place girdle plate onto block, be sure that all main caps are fully seated so plate will sit level.

Step 4. Apply ARP assembly lubricant to each main stud and nut. Only a small amount is needed. Install all washers onto studs, followed by nuts. Using a torque wrench that has been properly maintained, torque the studs to 60 ft/lbs using the factory torque sequence.

Step 5 Using feeler gauges, measure the gap between the girdle plate and the block.  Be sure to measure in several spots on both sides of the block to get an average measurement of the gap and take note of these measurements. You can now remove main stud nuts and girdle plate.

Step 6 Remove spacers from studs. Number each spacer so they can be installed in the same position for final assembly.  The girdle spacers will need to be sent out to your machine shop and machined to close the gap between the girdle plate and the block.

Step 7 Measure each spacer and subtract the measurement of the gap to get final size required.  Machine each spacer accordingly to remove excess material and close gap. The tolerance for the gap between the girdle plate and block is 0.001”

Step 8 The main journals will need to be align honed by an engine machine shop with ARP studs installed and torqued to ensure journal circularity. Once this is done, installation of crankshaft, pistons, and rods can be finalized and you are ready for the final installation of the girdle.  Start by reinstall machined spacers onto studs in the same position as they were when gap was measured. With front main seal housing, extended oil pump chain, and chain tensioner all installed, apply a bead of sealant to outer perimeter of block.

Step 9 Clean girdle plate thoroughly, and install onto main studs. Install washers and nuts with ARP assembly lubricant applied to threads then torque studs to 60 ft/lbs once again.

Step 10 On some oil pumps, the support will interfere with main stud nut. The oil pump will need to be notched in order to clear the nut. Mock up oil pump, and mark where notch needs to be placed.  Remove pump and notch accordingly.

Step 11 Once you have removed material from pump needed for clearance, install oil pump using supplied 60mm bolts and washers.  Install oil pump chain onto drive sprocket.

Step 12 The oil pan will need to be modified clear the end two main studs. In some cases, it is necessary to weld the outer side of the pan in order to machine it for clearance. Remove necessary material, clean oil pan thoroughly, and remove any debris before installation.

Step 13 Install OEM oil pump baffle.  Apply a bead of sealant around perimeter of girdle plate, and install oil pan using supplied 35mm bolts and washers.  Your new Integrated Engineering Girdle is now installed and ready for use.


  • If used in a longitudinal application, use the two supplied 10x110mm bolts with washers to bolt transmission to block.
  • With girdle installed, the bolts from transmission to oil pan will no longer line-up and cannot be used unless oil pan is modified.

    Thank you for purchasing another Integrated Engineering product. We are dedicated to serving your VW/Audi engine and performance needs. Please check our website frequently for new product releases. If you have any questions or concerns about this product please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Integrated Engineering 801.484.2021

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  • Joey van Ravesteijn


    Hope someone at IE reads this..

    Didn’t read this untill now, been bussy fitting our girdle kit, ofcourse our oilpan needs to be modified…

    But if i’m not mistaken, you use a HYBRID oil pan for your pre-build 06A engines.

    Will this oil pan fit with the studs or will I still have the same problem?

    In that case it will be no use buying the Jetta Hybrid oil pan.


    Joey from the Netherlands

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