Integrated Engineering 1.8T Transverse Intake Manifold Install

In this DIY, we will be covering the  installation of the Integrated Engineering intake manifold for transverse 1.8T engines. This kit needs to be installed by a professional or by an experienced technician. Integrated Engineering is not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect installation. Serious engine damage can occur from incorrect installation. 

Kit contents: (1) Intake manifold runner section (1) Intake manifold plenum section (1) Gasket for between the manifold sections (6) Stainless steel socket head cap screws, 1/4"-28, 2.5" length (2) Stainless steel socket head cap screws, 1/4"-28, 1.5" length (2) Stainless steel socket head cap screws, 1/4"-28, 7/8" (Holding manifold section together in the box) (1) Stainless steel socket head cap screw M6x1.0, 16MM length (1) Stainless steel flat washer M6 screw size 12MM OD (1) Intake manifold to head gasket (1) Assembly diagram

Before beginning the installation, unpack and inventory all components on a flat surface and verify that all pieces necessary are there before proceeding.

1. With your car on a level surface, begin disconnecting your fuel rail. Disconnect the injectors (label the connectors per cylinder), fuel feed and return lines, FPR vacuum line, and remove the two mounting bolts for the rail. Remove the fuel rail and injectors, be sure to place them on a clean surface. 

2. Disconnect the throttle body from the harness and loosen the clamp on the coupler and pull it away from the throttle body. Loosen and remove the eight bolts and two nuts from the manifold flange. Disconnect all vacuum lines and label them. Unplug and remove the IAT (intake air temp) sensor and set it aside. Lift the intake manifold up and off of the head. Remove the throttle body from the manifold and set it aside.

3. Install the provided gasket onto the runner section of the manifold. Orientate the plenum onto the runners with the throttle opening facing the side for your specific setup. Install the two 1/4"-28, 7/8" long bolts through the runners into the plenum and torque them to 8 ft/lbs.

4. Install the remaining 1/4"-28 bolts into their respective holes and torque to 8 ft/lbs. NOTE: leave the two center bolts on the bottom side of the plenum out for securing the vacuum manifold to the intake manifold at a later point.

Steps 5-10 are used if you are installing the Integrated Engineering vacuum manifold kit.

 5. Install the provided 3/8" NPT to -6AN adapter fitting into the port on the end of the manifold using Teflon tape or thread sealant.

6. Install the barbs and plugs required for your specific setup in the vacuum manifold.  Install the 3/8" NPT to -6AN adapter into the end of the vacuum manifold using Teflon tape or thread sealant.

7. Using the provided socket head cap screws and washers, loosely install the L-brackets onto the vacuum manifold in the orientation that best suits your application. Temporarily install the vacuum manifold onto the bottom side of the intake manifold with the remaining 1/4"-28, 2.5" length bolt. Tighten the bolts holding the L-brackets to the vacuum manifold. Remove the vacuum manifold.

8. Loosely Install the provided braided line onto the vacuum manifold, it will be tightened at a later point in the install. Route your vacuum lines from your accessories (BOV, FPR, brake booster, etc.) to the vacuum manifold leaving plenty of slack for adjustments. You can always trim the excess when the manifold is fully installed.

9. Slide the included one time use single ear clamp onto the brake booster line, it will be tight but it will fit. Be sure to leave enough slack in the vacuum lines so they do not kink when you permanently bolt the vacuum manifold on. Using a special set of ear clamp pliers or a set of cutter pliers, pinch the ear on the clamp closed on the break booster line.

10. Secure the rest of the vacuum lines at this time with the included wire ties.

Steps 11-13 are used when installing a throttle body adapter. If you are using an 80MM Hemi throttle Body, skip to step 14.

 11. If you ordered the intake manifold for a 60mm(stock) or 70MM(S4) throttle body, you will have received a CNC billet throttle body adapter kit. Be sure your kit has the pictured hardware before you proceed. The adapter plate has a 1/8" NPT port on one side. This can be utilized for a water/meth injection nozzle, or any other accessory that requires this type of port. Or you can plug the port with the supplied plug.

12. Install the throttle body adapter plate with the supplied gaskets and bolts onto the intake manifold. Torque the bolts to 7 ft/lbs

13. Install your throttle body onto the manifold spacer with the correct gasket, bolts, and washers. Torque the bolts to 7 ft/lbs.

14. If you are using a 80mm Hemi throttle body, install it to the manifold along with the manifold IAT sensor.  Install your Integrated Engineering cobra head coupler onto your charge piping leaving the clamps loose. NOTE: A cobra head may only be needed when installing the manifold with the throttle body on the passenger side. 

15. Place the intake manifold gasket on the head. Slide the Integrated Engineering intake manifold down onto the studs on the head, sliding the cobra head coupler onto the throttle body. Install manifold hardware into head and torque to factory specs.  Note: If you do not have a large port AEB head, a Integrated Engineering transition spacer is need for small port heads. 

16. Using the remaining two 1/4"-28, 2.5" length bolts, install the vacuum manifold onto the underside of the manifold. Torque the bolts to 8 ft/lbs. Thread the braided line onto the intake manifold fitting and tighten both ends of the line.

17. Connect the IAT sensor. Tighten the cobra head coupler onto the throttle body and charge piping.

18. Install the fuel injectors into the bosses on the manifold. Reconnect the injector harness clips to their corresponding injector. Carefully press the fuel rail onto the injectors, install the factory injector locking tabs, and bolt the rail to the manifold with the required hardware. 

19. Reconnect your fuel lines to the fuel rail.  If you are using an aftermarket fuel rail (sold separately), install the FPR with an adapter or fuel line to an aftermarket AFPR and return fuel line. Secure the vacuum line to the FPR.

20. Double check that all fittings and bolts have been correctly tightened before starting the engine.

Thank you for purchasing another Integrated Engineering product. We are dedicated to serving your VW/Audi engine and performance needs. Please check our website frequently for new product releases. If you have any questions or concerns about this product please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • WhanAB

    have fuel rail…. have FPR holder…. have 2.0 conversion from 1.8….

    need this…… have 1.8 plate for delete…… pulleys needed…..

    Thanks for all that you do……

  • Admin

    Rooster1050, yes there is! We have one in the works.

  • ROOSTER1050

    any plans on something similar, or anything possible, for the 2.0 TSI’s??

  • Admin

    Garry, we have not had any reports of fitment issues using our phenolic spacer. You should be fine!


    Can you use a phenolic spacer with this manifold and
    still have proper fitment ?

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