Integrated Engineering 2.0T TSI/TFSI short block build.

With the impressive performance levels of aftermarket turbos on the 2.0T TSI VW/Audi engines, it is more important than ever to build the bottom end for strength.  We are getting more and more of these 2.0T TSI short block and long block builds coming through, and we thought we would show you guys some photos from the tear-down and assembly process of another custom ordered IE TSI short block. This customer wanted a strong bottom end for a GTX30R setup with high boost levels.  This specific customer decided to run a set of our Integrated Engineering Tuscan I beam 144X22mm rifle drilled connecting rods.  The Tuscan connecting rod delivers the highest strength properties available on the VW/Audi market, with a high strength-to-weight ratio.


The Tuscan connecting rod will be the foundation for the IE Race Spec JE custom piston with a TSI direct injection dish design.  The customer opted for JE's self lubricating, anti-friction/anti-wear Tuff Skirt coating to be applied to the piston skirt along with 22mm through-hardened high-carbon bearing steel tool steel wrist pins.  The 22mm tool steel wrist pin design is incredibly strong and will withstand insane power levels without the need for a larger diameter, heavier pin.


Calico coated ACL race connecting rod bearings were chosen for their maximum wear resistance properties and durability to protect against distortion at high RPMs and increased power levels.


With the parts list finalized, the tear down process can begin.


Now that the short block has been stripped down, the blueprinting, balancing, and machining process can begin.  The block receives a hot tank bath and a complete inspection.  Once verified clean and healthy, an Integrated Engineering torque plate is bolted to the block to simulate the distortion caused by clamping on the cylinder head, ensuring round cylinders and achieving precise piston to cylinder wall clearances. Once the boring and honing process is completed, the block surface deck receives a fresh machined surface for a proper head gasket seal.


Before the final assembly started, the customer supplied a custom engine block paint to match his theme.


The bottom end including the block, pistons, rods, and crankshaft are all measured to multiple decimal place. Clearances are verified and recorded before the assembly begins. At this point, the piston rings are filed to the required gaps for the build, then installed onto the pistons. The assembly process is completed with all pistons, rods, and crankshaft installed and bolts torqued to the proper specification.


The short block is finished and ready to perform with whatever the customer is willing to throw at it.  The short block will be delivered along with a check list of all measured clearances, care sheet, and Brad Penn break-in oil. Custom cylinder head, short block, and long block builds for all VW/Audi engines are available by quote.  For your own build, please contact for more information and pricing.


  • Admin

    Hey Mariyan,

    We build engines here in house, these are the specs our engineers and race engine builders commonly use.

  • Mariyan

    Where did you get the crankshaft main and rod bearing spec . I checked with mahle and glyco and so on can’t find them . Thank you. This is critical information fuel pressure is nber 1 killer on those engines. It is caused by premature wear in crankshaft bearings and balance shafts

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