Integrated Engineering AEB 1.8T VTA Catch Can DIY

Integrated Engineering 058 VTA Catch Can Installation Guide

IMG_7579Thank you for purchasing another high quality Integrated Engineering product! This instruction sheet is used for installation of the Integrated Engineering 058 VTA catch can kit. This kit needs to be installed by a professional or by an experienced technician. Integrated Engineering is not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect installation.

Before you begin

Before beginning the installation, unpack and inventory all kit components on a flat surface and verify that all pieces necessary are included before proceeding.  Check the list below to verify you have the correct tools to complete the installation.

Required Tools: Phillips screw driver Flat tip screw driver 10mm socket 6” 1/4” extension 1/4” ratchet 5mm allen wrench 4mm allen wrench AN wrenches Thread sealant tape 9/16” wrench for petcock fitting Crimp clamp pliers

Part list: (1) IE VTA catch can (IEDIYUU18) (1) B5 A4 mount bracket & hardware (1) 3/4” OD inlet pipe plug (1) 5/16” cap (1) Smooth-band 5/8” to 1-1/16” hose clamp (1) Pinch style 29/64” to 17/32” hose clamp (1) M6 flat washer (1) M6 cap screw, 20mm length (1) Custom hose with AN fittings installed (1) IE Billet block breather (IEBAVA8A) (1) Petcock drain fitting (1) 1/2” NPT pipe plug (1) 10AN to 1/2” NPT black fitting

Step 1 Park your vehicle on a level surface and apply the parking brake.


Step 2 Start by removing the coolant reservoir. It is secured at three mounting points. Unscrew the three Phillips screws that secure the reservoir to its mounting points


Step 3 On the bottom of the coolant reservoir is the coolant level sensor. Remove the connector end by pressing back on the release tab and pulling the connector end off of the reservoir


Step 4 Locate the air inlet that is connected to the radiator support and air box. Remove the two Phillips screws that secure the inlet shroud to the radiator support. Once the screws have been removed, lift up on the rear portion of the air inlet that connects to the air box. Remove the shroud and the air inlet from the vehicle



Step 5 Locate the block breather hose under the intake manifold. Remove the clip that secures the breather pipe to the block breather


Step 6 At the other end of the hard black breather pipe is a rubber tee.  Remove the clamps that secure all of the breather pipes to this rubber breather tee

STP_016 STP_018

Step 7 After the clamps have been loosened, remove the hard plastic breather pipe from the block breather. Also remove the rubber tee and the hose connected to the intake manifold

STP_017 STP_019

Step 8 Loosen the clamps that secure the breather pod located on the turbo inlet pipe


STP_009Step 9 Locate the metal pipe that runs along the valve cover above the exhaust manifold. Remove the three Phillips screws that secure the heat shield to the pipe


STP_013Step 10 Remove the three 5mm allen bolts that secure the hard pipe to the valve cover STP_011 STP_012

Step 11 Once all of the heat shield bolts and the hard pipe bolts have been removed. Remove the hard pipe from the engine. This pipe will no longer be needed STP_020

Step 12 Remove the breather pod that is located on the turbo inlet hose. Install the black breather pod plug using the screw hose clamp provided in the kit

STP_021 STP_022 STP_023

Step 13 Apply a thin layer of sealant tape to threads of the catch can petcock. Thread the valve into the bottom of the catch can and tighten using a 15mm wrench

STP_024 STP_025

Step 14 Install the catch can mount bracket using the 4 mm allen button head screws. Locate the IE name on the top of the catch can and install the mounting bracket pointing to the left side of the catch can with the IE name facing you


Step 15 Install the catch can filter onto the top of the catch can and tighten the clamp


Step 16 In this catch can kit you will find a black threaded plug. Apply a thin layer of thread sealant tape to the threads on this plug


Step 17 With the IE name on the top of the catch can facing you, install the plug on the left side of the catch can using an 8mm Allen key

STP_029 STP_030

Step 18 Apply a thin layer of sealing tape to the ½” pipe thread end of the -10 AN fitting. No tape is needed on the AN side of the fitting. Thread the fitting into the right side of the catch can and tighten the fitting using a -10 AN wrench

STP_031 STP_032

Step 19 Locate the ABS pump. You will notice two bolts with 10mm heads. Remove the bolt that secures the EVAP bracket holding the hard black plastic hose. Install the catch bracket on top of this bracket and use the m6x20 mm bolt and washer to secure the catch can to the engine bay

STP_004 STP_033 STP_034

Step 20 Slide the o-ring around the red block breather adapter


Step 21 Thread the straight end of the hose onto the block breather adapter and tighten using a AN wrench

STP_036 STP_038

Step 22 After the o-ring has been installed and the straight end of the hose tightened onto the adapter, install the adapter into the block breather and secure it using the green clip used

STP_039 STP_040

Step 23 Thread the 90 degree fitting onto the -10 AN located on the side of the catch can. Tighten the fitting using a AN wrench

STP_041 STP_042

Step 24 Install the supplied vacuum cap in the nipple located next to the throttle body. Clamp the cap using the crimp clamp

IMG_8191 IMG_8192 IMG_8194

Step 25 Reinstall the coolant reservoir back into its mounting position using the three Philips screws. Make sure that the coolant level sensor is connected at this time as well


Step 26 Reinstall the fresh air inlet that connects to the air box. Slide the inlet track under the lip of the radiator support first. Then press the rear portion onto the air box. Install the two Philips screws that were used to secure the fresh air inlet to the radiator support

STP_006 STP_005

Step 27 The finished product should be installed and appear in this fashion


Thank you for purchasing another Integrated Engineering product. We are dedicated to serving your engine and performance needs. Please check our website frequently for new product releases. If you have any questions or concerns about this product please do not hesitate to contact us.

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