Integrated Engineering Billet Shifter Bracket Bushing Install

Integrated Engineering Billet Shift Bracket Bushing DIY
  Thank you for purchasing another high quality Integrated Engineering product! This install guide is for our billet shift bracket bushings for the 02A/02J/02M/02Q transmissions. By using these bushings, you can reduce play in the shifter from worn out rubber bushings, ensuring a solid shift every time. This kit needs to be installed by a professional or by an experienced technician. Integrated Engineering is not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect installation.   Kit Includes:   3- Integrated Engineering male shift bushings 3- Integrated Engineering female shift bushings Required Tools:  Flat head screwdriver Ratchet with 6” extension 13MM socket Other basic tools may be needed to gain access to top of transmission (depending on year of car and engine)   Installation:    Step 1: Gain access to shift cable bracket. On MK5 cars, you will have to remove the battery to gain access to the top of the transmission.
Step 2:  Using a flathead screwdriver (MK4/MK5) or a 13MM socket (MK2/MK3), remove the shift cable end from the transmission.
Step 3: Remove the 3 bolts from the shift cable bracket. This will allow the bracket to move freely.
Step 4: If needed, remove the shift cables from the bracket. This can simply be done with a flathead screwdriver. It is not absolutely necessary, but will make replacing the bushings much easier. On MK4/MK5 cars, you will need to remove the cable end in order to get the cable through the bracket.Slide the spring towards the end of the cable to release it.
Step 5: Remove factory bushings from shift bracket and prepare new bushings for install.
Step 6: Install Integrated Engineering bushing into shift bracket. They fit loosely, so be careful to not drop them while installing bracket into car. They can be installed either way, but it will be easier with the male piece on the bottom.
Step 7:  If you removed the cables from the bracket, reinstall them with the factory clips now. Bolt the bracket back to the transmission, and reattach the cable to the shift tower on the transmission. If you removed the cable end (MK4/MK5), reinstall by sliding spring forward again, and slide end on.
Step 8: Reinstall all parts removed to gain access to transmission.
You will now notice more solid shifts, and less play in the shifter. This will allow complete engagement in every gear, and reduce the chance of missed shifts and transmission damage during fast shifting. These bushings are made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, so they will not wear like the factory bushings and can be reused as many times as needed. Thank you for purchasing another Integrated Engineering product. We are dedicated to serving your VW / Audi engine and performance needs. If you have not already done so, please check out our line of high quality forged connecting rods for all VW / Audi applications. Also, check our website frequently for new product releases. 


  • Vimar00

    Worked great; simple DIY install! Seemed to tighten up the shifting as advertised and from what I found from my own research.

    I picked these bushings up from my local Concept-1 in Calgary, AB, for my 2003 Jetta, 2.0L.

    One thing I did different from this install was I kept the shift cable and shift bracket in place. I just removed the bolt and washer; using a 13mm socket with a 6" extension. I then used a needle nose pliers to remove the spacer and rubber bushings (grommet). For re-installment I just reversed the process but installed the new bushings. I then torqued them down to 25Nm (18ft-lb) as indicated in the Bentley service manual.

    Best of luck to others!

  • WhanAB

    Awesome stuff works great….. attention to details…. Thanks IE

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