Integrated Engineering Solid Shift Bushing Installation DIY

Integrated Engineering Solid Shift Bushing Installation DIY
Thank you for purchasing another high quality Integrated Engineering product! This instruction sheet is used for installation of the Integrated Engineering solid shift bushing kit. This kit needs to be installed by a professional or by an experienced technician. Integrated Engineering is not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect installation. Serious transmission damage can occur from incorrect installation.
Tools Needed
small and medium flat blade screwdriver 4mm allen key
Installation Guide
Step 1 Always remember safety first. Park your vehicle on a level surface, set the park brake and place the transmission in neutral.
Step 2 Open the hood of the vehicle and locate the two end links attached to the shift pendulum on top of the transmission
Step 3 Grab the base of the end link that is connected to the shift cable and slide the lock ring forward to compress the spring. Once the spring has been compressed, rotate the lock ring in the counter clockwise direction and release. Complete this step for both end links
Step 4 Place the blade of the small flat tip screw driver under the center tab of the silver retaining tabs that keeps the end links mounted to the pendulum. Carefully lift the center of the tabs up and remove. Do not lose these tabs. Follow this procedure to completely remove both end links from their mounting points
Step 5 Once the shift end links have been removed. Place both of the links on your working surface. Open the bag of IE solid shift bushings. You will notice two different sized bushings. One set being 8mm and the other 10mm. Pair both pieces together
Step 6 Start by taking the medium blade screw driver (in this case we found it easiest to continue using the small flat tip screw driver), in each corner of the end link.  There is a rubber bushing connected in each corner using plastic tabs. Firmly press down in each corner until you hear a snapping sound. At that point the retainers should be broke and the rubber portion should be ready to remove. Follow this step for each end link
Step 7 Pry each of the rubber inserts out of the end links using the medium screwdriver
Step 8 Assemble each of the end links by firmly pressing each IE solid bushing into the area where the original bushing was housed. Remember that the centers of the bushings are different sized, so make sure as to not mix the corresponding sizes up. Both solid bushings can be installed into the end links in this fashion
Step 9 Now it is time to install the shift end links back onto the vehicle. Make sure that both of the lock rings are still in the locked position. Slide the end link onto the shift rod first. Then place the center of the solid bushing onto the corresponding post that is mounted on the shift pendulum. Install the retainer that secures the end link to the post on the shift pendulum
Step 10 Now it is time to align you shifter inside of the vehicle. Locate the locking pin below the shift pendulum. While pressing down on the shift pendulum, push the locking pin into the transmission. You may have to release the pressure on the pendulum in order to allow the locking pin to slide into place. Once you feel the pin slide into place, the shift pendulum will be locked in place
Step 11 Move to the inside of the vehicle. Remove the shift boot by gently lifting up on the on the rear portion of the boot. Slide the boot up and out of the way
Step 12 On the side of the shifter you will see two holes. Get your 4mm allen key and slide it into the two holes. This will center the shifter. If you find there to be resistance while trying to align the holes on the shifter, do not force the shifter. The problem is that the shift cables are binding on the shift end links.You simply need to free the binding that is occuring
Step 13 Once the shifter has been centered, go to engine bay. Release the lock ring by rotating the ring in the clockwise direction so that the shift end link is locked back onto the shift rod. Once the end links are locked back on the the shift rods, pull the pendulum lock pin back out
Step 14 Go back into the vehicle. Remove the 4mm allen key that is centering the shifter and install the shift boot. Verify that the shifter slides into each gear and returns to the centered position. If you find it hard to shift into any of the gears or the shifter does not return to the centered position, preform the steps 10 through 14 again
Thank you for purchasing another Integrated Engineering product. We are dedicated to serving your VW/Audi engine and performance needs. Please check our website frequently for new product releases.

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