Jeff's Audi TT RS testimonial: Integrated Engineering VW MK5/MK6 Audi TT/A3 adjustable camber plates

Jeff had been looking for a solution to help improve the track day performance of his Audi TT RS and relieve some serious tire wear issues.  Take a look at his review below after he installed a sport spring kit and IE camber plates.
"As seen in the photos (shown below), there is significant scrubbing from the stock suspension, this created significant under steer and slower lap times. Look at the difference in the later picture, same number of laps! I was cording front tires on the outside edge after 2 track days. What a savings now! So much more fun and 5 seconds lap faster on a 2 mile course.  In conjunction with the Integrated Engineering camber plates, wider and lower aspect tires and a sport spring kit, the car is greatly improved and has near-neutral handling. The changes are dramatic and very much worth the investment!" -Jeff
2013 MKII Audi TT RS OEM suspension: 
IE camber plates and sport spring/shock setup:

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