The purpose of this guide is to explain the process to remove and reinstall the engine control unit (ECU) from your MK6 Volkswagen, when sending it to IE for a performance flash. This process is to be done by an experienced professional. Integrated Engineering is not responsible for incorrect removal or installation. Tools needed: -Ratchet -10mm socket -13mm socket -Small flat blade screwdriver -Large flatblade screwdriver -Rotary tool (Dremel) with cutoff disk -Safety glasses Removal 1. Begin by parking car on level surface and removing negative battery terminal. 001
        2. Using your small flat blade screwdriver, carefully pry the plastic caps off the windshield wipers, which cover the nuts holding them on.
002003 3. Use ratchet with 13mm socket to remove the nut on each windshield wiper. 004005 4. Remove wipers by carefully pulling up on them. It is often necessary to push down on the wiper near the mount location before pulling up. 006007 008 5. Remove seal from the rain tray. 009 6. Remove plastic rain try cover. This is snapped into a small groove on the bottom side of the windshield, be very careful to pull directly up and out of the groove. Do not pull it forward, or it can break the locking groove. 010 011 7. Using ratchet with 10mm socket, remove the bolt on the passenger side of the rain tray and the nut on the driver side of the car. Remove the upper rain tray by lifting it out. You will need to unclip the harnesses that are fastened to it before removing entirely. 014 013 012 8. You will now see the ECU in plain sight. To remove from its bracket, simply push down on the front side of the bracket to unclip the ECU. Once it is released, pull it out into the engine bay. 015 016 017 9. You will notice that you cannot unplug the ECU since there is a metal cover surrounding the plugs. This cover is held on by two round head bolts, which require notches cut into them for removal. While wearing safety glasses, use rotary tool to cut a slot into each bolt so they can be removed. 018 019 10. Remove both bolts with a flat blade screwdriver. The metal cover can now be bent open and removed from the harness plugs. You will not need to reinstall this piece, so it may be set aside. 020 021 11. Unplug both plugs from the ECU by sliding locking clips outward. 022 023 Reinstallation Once you have received your ECU back from IE with the performance flash, you will need to reinstall it in your car using the exact same process in reverse. -Plug ECU harness back into the unit. Make sure to lock both plugs in place by sliding the locking tabs inward. -Reinstall ECU into bracket in rain tray. You will need to push the back side in first, then clip into place on the front side. -Reinstall upper sheet metal rain tray. You will need to clip the harnesses back into the bracket on the front side before you bolt it down. Once those are installed, slide it in from the top and bolt back down with the nut and bolt that you removed, using a ratchet with 10mm socket. -Reinstall plastic rain tray cover. This will need to snap back into the groove along the bottom side of the windshield. Start on one side and push it into the groove a few inches at a time, working your way across the windshield slowly. This process can be a bit difficult, be sure to take your time and lock it into the groove securely. -Reinstall rubber seal. -Reinstall wipers into the same orientation they were in before removal. Once you push them on, thread the nuts back on and tighten with ratchet and 13mm socket. Reinstall plastic nut covers by simply pushing them in by hand. Thank you for purchasing another Integrated Engineering product. We are dedicated to serving your VW/Audi engine and performance needs. If you have any questions or concerns about this product please do not hesitate to contact us. Integrated Engineering 801.484.2021

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