IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines
IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines
IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines
IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines
IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines
IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines
IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines
IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines
IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines
IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines
IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines
IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines

IE 2.0L Stroker Kits For 1.8T 20V 06A Engines


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  • Takes 1.8L 06A engine to 2.0L (2008cc)
  • Increase horsepower and torque
  • Spool larger frame turbos faster
  • More engine power out of boost
  • Less chance of cylinder detonation
  • Fits all 06A 1.8T 20V engine blocks
  • Assemble your own stroker kit
  • Your choice of stroker pistons
  • Your choice of IE rods


IE's stroker kits up the displacement by increasing the stroke and bore of the engine. The increased stroke from our 2.0L kit is accomplished by using a larger 92.8mm stroke crankshaft. Specialty designed "stroker" pistons are used to increase the bore size to 83mm, these stroker pistons feature proper wristpin locations, skirt design, and valve reliefs to properly function with a 144X20 connecting rod and 2.0L crankshaft when installed into a VW/Audi 1.8T 06A engine. This stroker kit results in a 2008cc displacement that yields more horsepower and torque on the same boost pressure, less chance of detonation due to lower peak cylinder pressures, faster spool, and produces more power on low octane fuel.


Installing a stroker engine kit requires machine work and critical dimension measurements during engine assembly, this work should be performed by a certified engine technician. In order to achieve a 2.0L displacement and install stroker pistons, boring and honing of the cylinder walls is required.


Choose your own components! This DIY stroker kit has many options available to assemble to your exact spec. You have the option to purchase a modified drop-in ready stroker crank or supply your own (will require modifications to fit 1.8T block), your choice of pistons, choice of rods, and your choice of performance rod & main bearings. Just add each individual item to your cart to assemble your kit! Many options are available, continue reading below for more information on each component to assemble your kit.   


The 2.0L crankshaft is the base of your stroker kit and required to make 2.0L displacement. IE forged 1.8T stroker cranks begin as brand new factory Volkswagen/Audi 2.0 FSI crankshafts and then modified as a direct bolt-in fit to your 06A 1.8T engine block. Using a specialty press-fit oil pump drive gear,  this modification produces a direct fit 2.0L crankshaft solution that requires no engine block modifications to install. If you choose to supply your own crank, you will have to modify the crank with the proper oil pump drive gear.


Stroker pistons not only increase the displacement but also feature specialized design features for proper engine operation with the increased stroke from the 2.0L crankshaft. IE has multiple choices available to suit any build from street to full-out race car.

Mahle Motorsport forged stroker pistons have been engineered to offer incredible strength and longevity with factory-like fitment, wear, and operating life characteristics. These stroker pistons are manufactured from low-expansion alloy forgings and feature standard Grafal piston coatings, anodized top ring lands, and a factory-style dish providing a race proven performance design that will last for daily driven miles like an OE unit. Available in a pump gas and tune friendly 9.25:1 compression ratio. Kit includes pistons, wrist pins, piston rings, and retaining clips. 

IE Race Spec Stroker pistons are designed to strict IE specifications for use in extreme high-horsepower builds. These specially spec'd JE forged pistons feature a 9.0:1 compression ratio, Tuff Skirt & Thermal Barrier Dome piston coatings, reinforced ring landings, and tool steel wrist pins designed to handle demanding race specific and high powered applications.

JE stroker Pistons feature a very strong forging designed to withstand serious performance punishment from today's high boost drag racing, road racing, and full-out competition racing. Designed for Motorsport use they will provide reliability for very high power applications, but may have a louder operation, longer warm-up times, and less ring life on daily driven street applications. Available in 9.2:1 and 9.5:1 compression ratios and includes pistons, wrist pins, piston rings, and retaining clips.

Wiseco Pistons offer a cost-friendly forging for weekend race warriors looking for a strong, yet lightweight piston option. This stroker set features Wiseco's ArmorGlide skirt coatings and nitrate/napier rings standard. These are features not commonly found on race designed pistons and reducing friction, piston noise, and frees up power. Designed with a 9.0:1 compression ratio, this piston offers a great response on pump gas or race fuels. This is a complete set and includes pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, and retaining clips.


Lower compression pistons will allow higher boost levels on lower octane ratings with less chance of knock and cylinder detonation than higher compression ratio pistons. Lower compression will sacrifice out of boost power, spool time, and power/torque per pound of boost. Choose your compression ratio accordingly. For most engine builds we recommend using a higher compression ratio piston. Speak with your engine tuner about the fuel and boost pressures you will be using to determine the best compression for your engine.


Our H Beam Rods have been the leading choice for thousands upon thousands of VW & Audi engine builds for over a decade. With a un-matched record in reliability and quality control practices, it's no surprise. Computer-optimized, material forged 4340 alloy, in-house final machining and honing, standard with ARP 2000 bolts, and optional rifle drilling IE H Beam rods have been the proven choice to support your build of up to 700HP.  

Building an all-out power monster and pushing the envelope of 4 cylinder 1.8T performance? We have you covered here as well! Our Tuscan Rods are the ultimate power holders and represent the ultimate in leading edge rod technology. Using cutting-edge technology these rods offer strength and features never before seen at the enthusiast level for VW & Audi engines and the must-have option when going for big power. Standard with rifle drilling and rated up to 1000BHP!


Mahle manufactures the highest quality race bearings available for your build. This bearing option has amazing wear characteristics that add durability using a proprietary tri-metal blend to provide a stiffer bearing under high load use, which is necessary for race engines. Each bearing is designed with state-of-the-art software for the ideal oil film thickness, which adds reliability and greatly reduces the chance of spinning a bearing.

Calico uses a premium ACL brand race bearing chosen for its quality hardened steel backing and high strength overlay plate for maximum fatigue resistance and shell retention. To increase the fatigue resistance, Calico applies a truly high-performance coating for a complete performance package. 


  • Audi - A4 1996-2001 (B5 - B5.5) 1.8T 20V engines (late 06A only)*
  • Audi - A4 2002-2005 (B6) 1.8T 20V engines
  • Audi - A6 1998-2004 (C5) 1.8T 20V engines
  • Audi - A6 Allroad 1998-2004 (C5) 1.8T 20V engines
  • Audi - TT 2000-2006 (MK1 - 8N) 1.8T 20V engines
  • Audi - A3 1996-2003 (MK1 - 8L) 1.8T 20V engines
  • Audi - S3 1996-2003 (MK1 - 8L) 1.8T 20V engines
  • VW - Golf 1999-2005 (MK4) 1.8T 20V engines
  • VW - GTI 1999-2005 (MK4) 1.8T 20V engines
  • VW - Jetta & Jetta GLI 1999-2005 (MK4) 1.8T 20V engines
  • VW - Passat 1998-2005 (B5 - B5.5) 1.8T 20V engines (late 06A only)*
  • VW - Beetle 1998-2011 (1C - 9C - 1Y) 1.8T 20V engines

*IE 2.0L Stroker Kits are designed for use on 06A engine blocks only, they will not fit on early 058 engine blocks found in B5 A4 and B5 Passat models. If your engine has an external water pump and internal drive shaft, these parts are not compatible. Please verify before ordering.