ARP 1.8T 20V 06A Head Bolt Kit (No Tool)


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ARP is the go-to manufacturer in the automotive industry for high-powered engine bolts and studs. ARP's dedication to reliable construction and consistent top-notch quality has made them a favorite in the racing world.

These ARP head bolts for VW 1.8T 20V 06A engines are made from premium grade 8740 alloy steel which is rated far superior to many "aircraft quality" competitors. The studs are heat treated to 200,000 psi then thread rolled afterward, giving them twenty times better fatigue strength over studs threaded prior to treatment (a common practice with lesser quality bolts). These high-quality head bolts will ensure your head gasket stays firmly planted under even the most extreme boost conditions. These parts are great for race engines, manufactured in the U.S.A. and 100% re-usable.


VW - All transverse/longitudinal 20V 1.8T 06A ENGINES
AUDI - All transverse/longitudinal 20V 1.8T 06A ENGINES
For VW & Audi internal water pump 06A engines requiring 10mm bolts only. Will not fit early Audi & Passat 058 external water pump 11mm bolted engine blocks.

These engine bolts are engine block dependent, not cylinder head dependent and will work with 06A engine blocks when used with 058 AEB cylinder heads if desired.

ARP 204-3901

This kit does NOT include the specialty 12 point tool needed to install or uninstall ARP head bolts.