IE Replacement 3" Air Filter For IE VW 2.5L Intake Kit


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This is a direct replacement filter for IE's 2.5L Intake Manifold Cold Air Intake Kit that uses a 3" filter on the heat shield. This filter can also be used on universal applications that may require a stubby 3" pipe filter.


IE cone filters are specifically designed for high-flow and perfect fitment to the IE 2.5L 07K cold air intake kits. This is a dry filter that can be oiled, however, we do not recommend air filter oiling on turbocharged or forced induction vehicles. The filter can be cleaned and re-used many times. If you find it difficult to clean your filter or find it severely stained, it may be time to replace the filter element. This is a direct replacement filter ready to keep your car on the road and performing at its best. Includes new filter clamp.