IE Das Boot 16oz Glass
IE Das Boot 16oz Glass
IE Das Boot 16oz Glass

IE Das Boot 16oz Glass


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Starting November 24th (2021) at 9:00AM (Mountain Standard Time) The first 300 IE ECU or TCU Tunes sold with a POWERlink Cable will receive a FREE limited edition Das IE Boot Beer Glass and FREE overnight US (lower 48) shipping!

Boot will automatically add to cart, DO NOT add this to your cart to check out, simply purchase an IE Tune with an IE POWERlink Cable. 


As the story goes, Das Boot started from a German military tradition of drinking beer from the actual boot of a fellow soldier, it even became a source of pride if a general offered you the reward of drinking from his own boot for a battle won. Boots were later engraved and given as gifts to honor servicemen. After World War II, American soldiers brought the tradition of drinking beer from a boot home to the states.

The boot shaped drink vessels reached popularity after being featured in films such Beerfest and Inglorious Bastards. In both films Germans are depicted drinking from glass boot shaped vessels referred to as “Das Boot”. 

Fast forward to Black Friday 2021, The Das IE Boot proudly carries the IE logo so you can proudly drink your liquid of choice in an epic cheers to your own battles won and your enemies gapped. Grab your boot shaped 16 ounces of glass awesomeness and join us in an epic chant -DAS IE BOOT!