IE 2.5L 5 Cylinder Engine Dyno Project

The VW  VW 2.5L 5 cylinder is a newer engine developed during the MK5 generation, and we cant tell you how excited we are to see 5 cylinder motors being produced by VAG again.  While we have many engine parts available for the 2.5L I5 motor, we are about to really get kicking on a *bunch* more. Since many of these parts will require power testing, we will be setting up a 2.5L on our in house Superflow 902 engine dyno. We will be chronicling that build as well as the coming engine build & parts development right here for you! This is our engine dyno as it sits now, hooked up to a VW/Audi 1.8T 20V engine with a fully built IE race 2.0 stroker, IE valve train, and ported head.  


Currently the plan (as of today) is to get this stock '09 2.5L we have mounted up.

And that means getting off the top shelf!

Pete running the official IE engine lift


This is the new 2.5L I5 power plant for the engine dyno, this guy is going to see A LOT of cool stuff in the future.


We have decided to run totally stock accessories and go from there- so that means figuring out how to hold the dang motor into our ~ longitudinal dyno setup without any motor mounts coming in from the "sides" as traditional- so the fun starts.


The final engine mount solution drawn up and ready for prototype




We also need to adapt our bellhousing, starter, and throwout bearing etc. I will cover that stuff here just for kicks. Then we will be wiring it up on AEM's new standalone ECU, which will give us fast, consistent control over the engine. Then the testing will commence, starting with tuning the stock 2.5L on pump fuel (91 for us) and working up from there. Somewhere in the middle we anticipate building the motor to turbo spec, and the R&D will continue.


We will also give you updates on other 2.5 projects not necessarily for the engine dyno, anyone guess what we are working on here?


So, hopefully I won't bore you guys to death and you will stay tuned You will have to understand however that some of these products take literally seasons to develop from idea to shelf part- hell we have some that the development time is over a year! So, don't get too crazy on me if the updates on a particular part aren't ultra frequent.