IE Intake Manifold Custom Fixture

This is a 1.8T longitudinal intake manifold mounted in one of our CNC machines.  Due to the unique shapes, we must custom design these fixtures to hold the manifolds for all final machining.  These fixtures need to hold the manifolds at exact angles, hold them very tightly, and not damage the finish.  All 1.8T longitudinal intake manifolds will be shipping soon!


  • Admin

    We already have an intake manifold on the market for you car. The MK1 TT uses our transverse 1.8T intake manifold.
    Check it out here:


  • Devon Noe

    Will these be available for an Audi TT mk1? I’m assuming by where the throttle body mounting will be located that these are for something such as an A4 B5? If not, I still might be able to make a custom setup for the intercooler piping depending on angle/measurements. Any idea of the price tag these will have? Can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

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