Modifying Your Audi A4 2.0T B8/B8.5(2009-2015)? Check This Out!

The Audi B8/B8.5 A4 remains one of the most popular Audi models to modify today. Since its debut in 2009 the Audi's updated A4 and it's sporty 2.0L TSI turbo engine quickly became an Audi favorite and one of ours as well. What makes the A4 even better is its ability to transform into a beast on the road with simple modifications. Our beginner’s modification guide below includes all you need to turn your A4 into your dream Audi.


When it comes to adding more fun, thrills, and performance to your A4, ECU tuning is the fastest and easiest way to increase horsepower, torque, 0-60 acceleration, and more. All you need is your Apple or Android phone and the cutting-edge IE POWERlink Flash Tool to unleash your engine’s full potential. Developed in-house, IE engineers are equipped with industry-leading tuning technology to completely reverse engineer the factory mapping and safely modify your A4 to maximize performance. Years of professional tuning high-powered race vehicles and intimate knowledge of Audi engines have resulted in a wicked fast A4 on both the street or the track. In fact, an IE stage 1 tune will deliver up to 59HP over stock in only minutes without even touching a wrench!

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If you’re looking to increase performance look no further than an upgraded air intake. Not only does a specially made air intake increase throttle response, but it adds horsepower, torque, and a more aggressive sound. An air intake is able to do this by delivering colder air to your turbocharger and engine. IE's mototsport-engineered cold air intake system delivers optimal airflow through a high-flow velocity stake, custom heat shield, perfect fitment, stealth coolant line, and more.


When pushed to higher levels of power the factory intercooler on an Audi A4 cannot properly dissipate heat from the engine. If this happens then your engine will pull power back to safe levels, reducing performance. This is called “heat soak.” The IE FDS (Flow Distribution System) Intercooler System eliminates heat soak and increases horsepower and reliability. Unlike other intercoolers on the market which rely on natural airflow across the core, our FDS technology uses precisely shaped and placed fins cast into the intake plenum to push air evenly across the large core volume effectively. As a result, the IE FDS intercooler has been proven to reduce intake air temperatures more so than other units available, thus offering the largest power gains possible.

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Equipping your B8 A4 with an IE catted downpipe unlocks the ability to run a Stage 2 ECU tune for maximized horsepower, torque, and responsiveness from the stock turbocharger. The Audi A4 exhaust leaves much to be desired when looking for more power. By increasing the flow of the downpipe with a larger 3" design and ultra high-flow catalytic converter, exhaust gases exit the exhaust much faster, reducing back pressure, and allowing the turbo to spin up faster and with less resistance on the exhaust turbine. When installed with our Stage 2 ECU Tuning, the result is a significant power gain with up to 290HP and 350ft-lbs of torque.


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