Our friend Nate Brown from New German Performance installed a set of Integrated Engineering camber plates looking to get improved track performance on his 2006 MK5 GTI. Continue reading to see his personal thoughts after many miles on his set of IE camber plates.
"As I've come to expect from everything Integrated Engineering manufactures, the IE camber plates are works of art. The attention to detail, quality, fit and finish and everything else down to the packing and instructions is attended to. Assembly onto our new Type II coilovers was as simple as an OEM strut mount in my opinion, and they are equally simple to adjust. After alignment we ended up at exactly -2.25 degrees per side. The additional camber up front is just what the doctor ordered for the Mk5/6 cars. Turn in is significantly improved, as is grip through the corner. Best of all by running relatively mild toe settings I have seen no increase in tire wear over thousands of miles (I drive a lot). Noise transmitted through the chassis is higher than factory, as you would expect with the removal of the rubber OE mounts, but it is to me minimal, and well worth the improvements in handling for running on track, autocrossing, etc." Thanks again, -Nate Brown 2006 MK5 GTI 2.0T FSI New German Performance
Nate is getting impressive performance from his GTI with lots of engine performance bolt-ons, plenty of performance suspension solutions, IE camber plates mounted on NGP Type II coilovers, BFG G-force Rival 245/40 R18 tires, and a 328mm big brake kit.  Check out a video of this track happy MK5 tearing it up HERE.