Veteran Overpowers PTSD With 650HP Audi

Why We Mod: Nate Scott’s Story

We here at Integrated Engineering value our customers above all else and take pride in providing the parts and services necessary for them to succeed in their modification goals. We are particularly proud to partner with the many men and women in our hobby who have served our country. We have asked the question “why we mod?” to our fans in the past and have been overwhelmed with the wide range of responses. Nathan Scott’s answer to that question is a powerful one that we wanted to share with the world. Nathan served as a medi-vac pilot in the army and after returning from a strenuous tour of active duty, he found that he was suffering from PTSD. Modifying and working on his beautiful and beastly 1991 Audi Coupe Quattro helped him focus his energy and mind on something other than his condition. He found that pushing the limits of his 650 whp Coupe Quattro better helped him focus on his PTSD treatment and recovery. His Audi is a testament to the perseverance and dedication that veteran’s like him are capable of. We are forever grateful for the selfless service of Nate and the countless millions of others who have served to protect the freedoms we all enjoy. Watch the video below to hear Nate's amazing story

If you or a loved one is suffering from PTSD, please visit for help.

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  • Christopher Scoles


    I heard Nate story and watch the video. I found it very moving. I, myself, was never in the military, but had numerous friends and family that were. As a lover and previous owner of a 1990 Coupe Quattro, I found his story and car very interesting. If Nate is interested, I still have a new unopened set of the rubber lower door mouldings including the small piece in front of the rear wheel wells. He is more that welcome to them. The only caveat being he has to wait until this summer when I am back in the US. If he is interested, have him send me an email.

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