Pure750 Turbo Upgrade For Audi B9/B9.5 S4, S5, SQ5 3.0T


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The Pure750 Hybrid Turbo will easily transform your Audi B9 S4, S5, or SQ5 from quick to ridiculously fast. Your stock B9/B9.5 3.0T turbo engine produces 349HP and 369ft-lbs of torque. Upgrading your engine with this bolt-on hybrid turbocharger from Pure Turbos with matching hardware and IE Stage 3 ECU and TCU tune will increase horsepower and torque levels up to 739HP and 710ft-lbs of torque!


  • Larger billet machined compressor wheel
  • Larger and higher flowing turbine wheel
  • High-quality bearing housing
  • VSR balanced and tested
  • Over 700 horsepower when paired with IE engine and transmission software


The turbo is a direct bolt-in installation. However, additional supporting performance hardware and engine/transmission software are required. Using IE hardware components, installing your new Pure750 is a complete plug & play solution.

Software Requirements:

Larger hybrid turbos require extensive and complete recalibration of the factory engine ECU and transmission TCU. IE Stage 3 and Stage 3 Plus tuning options for the Pure750 hybrid will deliver massive performance on demand without sacrificing an ounce of daily comfort or reliability. Enjoy supercar performance with the ability to pound out 9-second quarter-mile passes and transform your mild-mannered sedan into an exotic-destroying performance machine in minutes with an easy DIY at-home flash process.

IE Stage 3 offers an easy jump into your new Pure750 hybrid requiring only the turbo and Stage 2 hardware (intake, turbo inlet, downpipe, & intercooler). Stage 3 Plus releases the full performance potential using additional fueling upgrades (HPFP, RS injectors) and 4 bar MAP sensors for maximum power on E70 fuel and additional power on pump gas 91/93 octanes. 

Hardware Requirements:

The IE Turbo Inlet Pipe with hybrid adapter bolts directly to the larger turbocharger making a seamless install to an IE Cold Air Intake while meeting the larger air supply demands required by the massive power gains. Complete your installation with an IE Downpipe and Intercooler for a complete intake-to-exhaust hardware setup.

IE Stage 3 Pure750 Turbo Required Upgrades:

 Required Part Part Number
IE Stage 3 ECU Tune (Also requires Stage 3 TCU) IESOVZ13
IE Cold Air Intake Kit IEINCK3
IE Turbo Inlet Pipe IEINCK4
IE Turbo Inlet Adapter For pure750 Coming Soon
IE FDS Intercooler System IETPCK1
IE Performance Downpipe IEEXCK3

IE Stage 3 Plus Pure750 Additional Upgrades:

Stage 3 Plus requires all the hardware listed above plus the following upgrades

Required Part Part Number
IE Stage 3 Plus ECU Tune (Also requires Stage 3 TCU) IESOVZ14
Upgraded HPFP (Requires internal pin size of 11.7mm) IE coming soon
TTE 4 Bar Map Sensors Available here
Audi 4.0TT/2.9T Injectors (Only required for E70 ethanol) 06M906036AD


Installation is relatively straightforward. As a hybrid turbo, the installation procedure is the same as replacing the stock turbo. Simply remove the stock turbo and replace it with the upgraded hybrid unit. No customization or modification is required. 

Note: Turbo does not include any replacement gaskets or hardware. It is highly recommended to purchase a new turbo install gasket/hardware kit before installing the turbo. 


The Pure750 hybrid turbo is manufactured from a modified stock turbo housing. This listing includes a full new turbo with a genuine turbo core included. If you would like to sell your removed stock turbo back to Pure Turbos as a core, please contact Pure Turbos directly for more information: https://www.pureturbos.com/contact-us/


Audi S4 2017-2023 B9./B9.5 3.0T
Audi S5 2017-2023 B9/B9.5 3.0T
Audi SQ5 2018-2023 B9/B9.5 3.0T

ECU and TCU software, fueling, and hardware upgrades are required to use this turbo. Hardware requirements are listed on the IE ECU tune product page. This turbo cannot be used without the proper hardware and tuning.