10.64 @ 128MPH Audi B8 S4 | IE Stage 2 3.0T Tune Quarter Mile Record Run


It's no secret IE has been obsessively pushing the envelope of the Audi 3.0T supercharged platform. After countless hours of road testing, hundreds of dyno pulls, hard drives full of data logs, and valuable customer feedback it was time to show our teeth. IE's engineers and tuners left the high altitude of Salt Lake City, Utah behind to take advantage of the spring weather in Sacramento, California. 

Audi S4 World Record Run

Equipped with our IE Stage 2 Dual Pulley Throttle Body Tune & matching hardware setup this S4 quickly smashed the existing quarter-mile record, however, the supercharged beast was not done yet. Determined to show the world what IE Performance Tuning is all about, the car continued to beat its own record run after run. Piloted by our own software engineer, Damon Earl, the day ended with a final world-record time of 10.643 at 128.33MPH! This accomplishment is even more impressive knowing we used all off the shelf bolt-on parts and ECU software with a bit of weight reduction and sticky tires that anyone can do (full list of modifications below).

IE Audi S4 3.0T Time Slips


IE Audi S4 3.0T World Record Run


  • DA: 1,264.707ft
  • Altitude:100ft
  • Temperature: 74F
  • Humidity: 49%

Our friends over at Malaka Motorsports caught the run on video as well, check it out! (Run starts at 3:47 mark).

Questions about any IE performance ECU Tuning or Hardware for your Audi or VW? Reach out to our performance specialists - sales@performancebyie.com or leave a comment below!


  • Mike

    Tires? Rims?


    I would like to get a stage 1 tune on my 2013 Audi s5, which I love, but have been waiting for a price drop as I can’t justify $899 right now. My mother always told me that it doesn’t hurt to ask so here goes: Can you give to it me at a discount or somewhere where my wife would not kill me? lol. I’ve watched a lot of youtube videos where you send it to those guys for free and I was always envious of them. I can shoot a video of the install if that’s what you require so let me know. Was looking at other companies, but I like what I’ve heard about your company so far.

  • Adam Bryant Oates

    I HAVE SEVERAL IE PARTS FOR MY B8.5 2014 AUDI A5 QUATTRO CABRIOLET ..THE BIGGEST PART IS THE INTAKE MANIFOLD AND FUEL RAIL…WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO GET THE MOST OUT OF IT…UPGRADES INCLUDE FRANKENTURBO KO4 HYBRID AND APR INTERCOOLER…AEM COLD AIR INTAKE …MAGNA FLOW EXHAUST…GRAMS 1000CC INJECTORS…COIL OVERS…FULL S5 BRAKE CONVERSION…EIBACH AND ULTRA RACING SUSPENSION BARS AND SWAY BARS…DO I NEED A STAND ALONE ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OR JUST A FLASH TUNE and/or Piggy Back System ? My ride is at Tachyon Perormance in Louisville,KY those guys make big Powarrr !!! 1000hp plus is where iam trying to go with this and a high 9 second car in the 1/4 mile ….a 9.8 second ride would be lovely ….can IE do that for me if so please contact me Adam Bryant-Oates at 502.708.9393…or Adamoates36@gmail.com

  • TIM Jacobs

    What DIY 2 stage cost for a Audi S4 2012 and soft ware

  • Kris

    Great run. But it would of been nice to see how it would done without doing the e40 blend (I dont think most people would do this on a daily) and taking out the back seats.
    Is the water/meth injection needed for your upgrades?
    Imo doing the runs that I mention would give it more of real world numbers or everyday people/car enthusiasts.

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