New Product Alert! IE releases TrueFlex Software for 2015-2018 MK7 GTI with Simos 18.1 ECU

September, 16th 2021

IE is proud to release it’s TrueFlex tuning solution for early model MK7 GTI MQB vehicles. TrueFlex technology automatically adjusts for different gasoline and ethanol mixtures from 91 octane to E85. Automatically adjusting for different fuel mixtures results in greater performance, peace of mind, and added safety for the vehicle.

Another large advantage of TrueFlex technology is it makes using ethanol mixtures easy. Ethanol availability is hit or miss depending on where you live. There may only be one gas pump in your area or may even need to be sourced at the race track or elsewhere. In the event that it’s time to refuel and ethanol is nowhere to be found, gasoline may be added, and reflashing the ECU is not necessary.  

Noteworthy features:

  • Reflashing the ECU is a thing of the past. It is not required when switching fuel mixtures.
  • Minimal fuel system upgrades are required for IS20 and IS38 turbos. This keeps costs down whereas other available software options may require costly port injection kits. 
  • TrueFlex adjusts boost and timing when the fuel mixture changes. The stock engine computer does contain code to adjust fueling based on the ethanol content; we enabled this feature and utilized it to control fueling, but we also developed custom code to control boost and ignition timing, allowing the tune to be optimized at every mixture of ethanol and ambient conditions.

Required upgrades:

Supported Applications: 

  • MK7 GTI (model years 2015-2018)
  • 8V A3 2.0T (model years 2015-2018)

Coming Soon (no ETA available): 

  • MK7 Golf R
  • MK7 GTI (model years 2019+) 
  • 8V S3
  • 8V A3 (model years 2019+)

IE’s 2.0T MQB software is packed with features. For the full list visit the product page