IE Audi B9 S4, S5, SQ5 Stage 3 TTE710, TTE810, & Pure750 ECU Tune -Available NOW!

IE B9 S4 S5 SQ5 Stage 3 ECU Tune TTE810 TTE710 Pure 750 Turbo

Integrated Engineering is excited to offer our advanced Stage 3 and Stage 3 Plus ECU Tunes for the Audi B9 S4, S5, & SQ5 for the TTE710, TTE810, and Pure750 turbochargers! These hybrid turbo ECU calibrations produce up to a record-smashing 739HP & 710ft-lbs of torque on stock engine internals! Enjoy supercar power with minimal turbo lag, massive power band, and incredible transient response.

Ready to experience true racecar power without compromising reliability? Continue reading to learn about our innovative and advanced hybrid turbo tunes or the B9 3.0T platform or visit the product page HERE.


IE Stage 3 tunes are offered in three levels, each requiring additional fueling upgrade hardware to produce higher levels of power output. This offers customers an easy upgrade path and doesn't force upgrade costs on different power level goals. 

All stage 3 variations require upgraded intake, turbo inlet (with hybrid compatible adapter or bolt flange), downpipe, and intercooler. Visit the product page for IE part number recommendations on all required hardware.

IE B9 Stage 3 TTE710 TTE810 Pure750

STAGE 3: Stock fueling hardware

Stage 3 is the easiest upgrade into hybrid turbo power and requires no additional upgrades over Stage 2 hardware other than the hybrid turbo of your choice. Simply bolt the new hybrid turbo into place with your existing intake, turbo inlet, downpipe, load your new IE Stage 3 ECU & TCU tune and get ready a massive jump in power!

Included fuel maps:

  • 91 octane
  • 93 octane
  • 104 race gas 

IE B9 Stage 3 HPFP TTE710 TTE810 Pure750

STAGE 3 HPFP: Upgraded HPFP & MAP sensors

By upgrading your high pressure fuel pump (HPFP) with a performance 11.7mm internal kit and installing 4 Bar MAP sensors your fuel system is now ready to safely deliver more fuel for added boost and engine power with our IE Stage 3 HPFP file. This upgrade leverages the additional fueling hardware to deliver more power on any octane.

Included fuel maps:

  • 91 octane
  • 93 octane
  • 104 race gas 

IE B9 Stage 3 Plus TTE710 TTE810 Pure750

STAGE 3 Plus: Upgraded HPFP, MAP sensors, & injectors

Stage 3 Plus is the maximum power from the hybrid turbos on any octane and unlocks the ability to run an E70 ethanol blend for the highest performance numbers possible. This is the supercar destroying full-tilt punch you are after! Stage 3 Plus requires an upgraded HPFP, 4 Bar MAP sensors, and OEM RS6 injectors (part number: 06M906036AD).

Included fuel maps:

  • 91 octane
  • 93 octane
  • 104 race gas 
  • E70 Ethanol

IE B9 Stage 3 TTE710, TTE810, & Pure750 Transmission Tune

STAGE 3 TCU: Matching transmission tune

The engine computer is only half of the equation when tuning for big power hybrid turbos. IE Stage 3 and Stage 3 Plus ECU tunes far exceed the factory-set transmission torque limit and require a complete matching transmission control unit (TCU) calibration. IE's matching Stage 3 TCU tune fully harmonizes the complete drivetrain for the hybrid turbo characteristics with optimized shift points, further increased RPM limits, faster shift speed, user-selectable launch control, new drive mapping, and more. 

IE Stage 3 transmission tune is a free update for existing IE Stage 2 TCU tune owners. Buying for the first time? Purchase IE Stage 2 TCU tune with your Stage 3 purchase. 


IE B9 Stage 3 TTE710, TTE810, & Pure750 horsepower

Now that you know what each variation of the three Stage 3 tunes are, what do they do? Each turbo has it's own characteristic, but they all lay down the power! Here is a quick max power output on the most popular octane for each stage for an easy comparison. 

For a full power report of every octane and complete dyno charts, please visit the product page and click on the performance tab.

TTE710 557HP / 565ft-lbs 578HP / 596ft-lbs 715HP / 678ft-lbs
TTE810 591HP / 601ft-lbs 613HP / 631ft-lbs 739HP / 705ft-lbs
 Pure750 589HP / 614ft-lbs 607HP / 637ft-lbs 739HP / 710ft-lbs


This chart compares the WHP/WTQ graphs of each different turbocharger against each other all running on IE Stage 3 Plus with E70 ethanol. Notice how all turbos have a very similar and fast turbo build up meaning the lag between the larger TTE810 and Pure750 is minimal compared to the smaller TTE710.  

IE B9 Stage 3 TTE710, TTE810, Pure750 Dyno Comparison


Audi B9 S4 S5 SQ5 TTE710 TTE810 Pure750 Stage 3 ECU Tune World Records

IE's history of pushing the envelope of power on Audi's popular B9 3.0T platform has cemented ourselves as software and hardware performance leaders with record-setting track success. Our Stage 3 Plus TTE710 development car is the first B9 to ever hit the 9-second quarter mile and still holds the overall B9 1/4th mile record with a 9.8-second at 140MPH run! The world's fastest customer-owned and second fastest quarter mile B9 S4 is currently a 10.08 set by Adam Blender with his IE Stage 3 Plus TTE710. Most recently, a new 1/4th mile record was set by David Musiyenko with an incredible 10.17 at 133.37MPH in his IE Stage 3 Plus TTE810 SQ5 SUV!

If you want a fast Audi, IE delivers top-tier performance without sacrificing reliability that delivers exhilarating fun on the track and the street.

IE Stage 3 Plus TTE710 9-second B9 S4 Record Run

Learn more about our 9-second run:

IE Stage 3 Plus TTE810 SQ5 10.17 Record Run

Learn more about David's record run:

IE Stage 3 Plus TTE710 10.08 Run


Audi B9 S4 S5 SQ5 TTE710 TTE810 Pure750 Stage 3 ECU Tune Calibration

We won't sugar coat it, this kind of power is very close to the limits of the stock engine internals. In order to make these tunes as powerful and fun as possible without crossing that line, IE's engineers installed various additional sensors and probes throughout the engine. These systems allow our calibrators to properly configure the ECU by recording critical data that is unavailable via the factory equipment. This is an expensive and tedious process; however, the information gathered is priceless when calibrating the ECU for the new hardware specifications. The added sensors record cylinder pressures, EGT, exhaust pressure, mass airflow, and more for a high-resolution log of important turbo and engine operating parameters.

IE B9 Stage 3 TTE710, TTE810, & Pure750 Hybrid ECU Tune Strategy

The advanced software development strategies provide the confidence to responsibly build a calibration suite for peak power output without relying on risky modeled information or guesses for engine and drivetrain safety. Hundreds of maps have been defined and calibrated from a ground-up approach to create a fully rounded software suite designed to deliver professional motorsport quality performance while improving everyday driving characteristics beyond factory programming. The result is more than adjusted stock tune mapping and delivers a true large turbo engine management system completely realized within the factory ECU.


IE S4 Stage 3 TTE710, TTE810, & Pure750 Tuning Reliability

IE Stage 3 is an advanced ECU calibration that delivers BIG power numbers, taking a responsible tuning approach; every Stage 3, Stage 3 HPFP, or Stage 3 Plus purchase includes a catered introduction with an IE calibrator. During this quick process, your existing or new hardware setup will be verified to ensure proper compatibility before flashing the file. Once the tune is applied, our calibration team will walk you through an easy logging process. Your engine data will be obsessively reviewed and confirmed for proper operation and safety parameters. Prepare for a truly exhilarating driving experience knowing IE has your back.

Stage 3 files will not appear on your IE POWERlink for flashing until the verification process is started. To begin, simply contact after purchase.


  • Optimized safely for factory engine internals
  • Massive power increase throughout the powerband
  • Builds power higher into the RPM range
  • Includes catered tune verification with IE calibrator
  • Massive top-end power with minimal boost lag increase
  • Engineered with high-end motorsport sensor strategies
  • Neutral/park rev limit raised to 7000 RPM
  • Brake boost enabled for rolling launch
  • Factory boost gauge displays the higher boost
  • Aggressive overrun/crackle in sport mode (can be disabled)
  • Crackles enabled for free-revving in park or neutral
  • Road speed limiters removed
  • Annoying auto-start/stop defaults to off (button turns back on)
  • Enables launch control in drive, sport, and manual modes
  • Includes user-adjustable launch control
  • Lightning-fast shift speed
  • "Drag" optimized gear ratios for the fastest acceleration
  • Enables 6500 RPM limit in all gears in manual
  • Increases torque limits
  • Enables downshifting into 1st gear without coming to full stop
  • Refined drive for the automotive enthusiast
  • Reduces time for double-downshifting gears
  • Direct port OBDII at-home flashing


IE B9 Stage 3 TTE710 TTE810 Pure750 Hardware

Below is a table of all optional and required hardware mentioned in this article. 

IE HPFP Upgrade Kit Coming soon Requires 11.7mm pin size
TTE 4 Bar MAP Sensors Available here Required for Stage 3 HPFP/Plus
OEM RS6 Fuel Injectors 06M906036AD Required for Stage 3 Plus 
IE Cold Air Intake System S4 & S5 IEINCK3 N/A
IE Cold Air Intake System SQ5 IEINCZ1 N/A
IE Turbo Inlet Pipe S4 & S5 IEINCK4 Available with hybrid adapter
IE Turbo Inlet Pipe SQ5 IEINCZ4 Available with hybrid adapter
IE FDS Intercooler IETPCK1 Best for street & mild track use
IE FDS Drag Race Intercooler Coming soon Best for drag race and track use
IE Downpipe S4 & S5 IEEXCK3 N/A


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