IE 3.0T 10-second 1/4 mile customer page

The incredibly popular IE ECU & DSG Tunes for the Audi 3.0T supercharged platform has quickly become one of our fastest selling tunes. With more and more customers running fast sub 11 second quarter mile runs, it's no surprise. We decided it was time for an official customer success page for those breaking the 10 second benchmark. 

The "IE customer bragging rights list" is published below and is organized with the fastest times first. -Enjoy! 

Nino V's 2015 B8.5 S4 - 10.643 Seconds

This car held the official 2019 S4 3.0T supercharged world record 1/4th time run!

IE Tuned S4 10 Second Run

Build details:

Track Conditions:

  • DA: +1264.707ft
  • Altitude: 100ft
  • Temperature: 74F
  • Humidity: 49%


Matty T's B8.5 S4 - 10.806 Seconds

IE S4 10 Second Run Matty

Build details:

  • IE Stage 2 Dual Pulley Throttle Body Tune
  • IE DSG Tune
  • Custom Ported Charger
  • 80mm Throttle Body Upgrade
  • 194mm Crank Pulley
  • 57mm Upper Pulley
  • AEM Meth Kit (500cc nozzle)
  • Heat Exchanger Upgrade
  • ECS Tuning Intake
  • Test Pipes & Stock Catback Exhaust
  • 94 pump gas 3/4 tank with half a can of VP Octane Booster
  • Lightweight 19" Wheels
  • Nexen N'fera Tires
  • Removed Rear Seats

Jialin's A5 Sportback - 10.89 Seconds


Build details:

  • IE Stage 2 Dual Pulley Throttle Body Tune (100 octane File)
  • IE DSG Tune
  • Custom Ported Charger
  • 80mm Throttle Body Upgrade
  • 196.5mm Crank Pulley
  • 57.75mm Upper Pulley
  • Snow Performance Meth Kit
  • Heat Exchanger Upgrade (Divorced)
  • Killer Chiller System
  • Pierburg CWA100 Water Pump Upgrade
  • Carbon Fiber Intake System
  • Tube Headers
  • Straight-Through Exhaust Pipe
  • AutoTech HPFP
  • Walbro 450 Fuel Pump
  • AP Racing 355mm Big Brake Kit
  • Bilstein B16 Coilovers & iRC Module
  • Hoosier DR2 Tires (245/40 R18)

Track Conditions:

  • DA: +1198ft
  • Altitude: 108ft
  • Temperature: 78F
  • Humidity: 25%

Eligio O's Audi S5 - 10.978 Seconds

Audi S5 10 second run Eligio O

Track Conditions:

  • Altitude: 58ft
  • Temperature: 56F
  • Humidity: 50.1%




Do you have an IE Tuned VW or Audi running impressive times? Send us some photos, slips, or videos of your best pass! 

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